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Diffusion doping source face ?

    • Mariah Ha

      Dear All,

      I am using Charge solver to simulate a PIN  photodiode under reverse bias. I would like to ask if I am setting the source face correctly for the diffused doping in reverse bias ( please see below , the blue arrows go from the source face to the outer face for p and n dopings). The second question is ,is it normal that reverse bias simulation finishes a bit slower than the forward bias simulation for the same case ? 

      Thank you. 


    • Amrita Pati
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Mariah,

      i. The diagram looks good to me. But it is always recommended to make sure the doping is properly applied by visualizing the grid. You can first mesh the structure and then visualize the grid and select the parameter N to see if the doping is properly applied. 

      ii. It is hard to say if the structure will take longer for reverse bias simulation, there is no rule about it. I believe it would depend upon the structure itself, its I-V characteristics, and the volatges at which it is simulated for both forward and reverse bias.


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