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dimension reducing ranged function

    • Asif Haq

      I want to a design of experementation in Ansys Workbench. My experiment is with inudction heating. I want to see how the frequency, coil dimensions affect the temperature output. 

      When i setup my DOE, i also want to see the temperature output from maxwell. I can see the temp from maxwell but when i paramteize the frequency, its giving me the following error. Any idea how i can sort this out. 

      I put the parameter frequency in the setup and then it gives me the following error. 

      This is my setup


    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Asif,

           Where did you define frequency parameter? Please do not define “Frequency Sweep” in the setup of the eddy current model.

            We could try:

            1). Define a parameter for adaptive frequency in solve tab, like Freq_e and do not use Freq that is intrinsic variable.

            2). In calculation, we might define max(Temp1)  and Freq(All)

            We will use Freq_e as input parameter and max(Temp1) as output parameter. We only have one value for Freq(All), so max(Temp1) is just for one frequency that is Freq_e that you specify.



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