Dipole source wavelength

    • Yerin Han

      What is the difference between below two pictures? I just change range of the maximum wavelegth and the minimum wavelength of the dipole source.



      With the dipole source, I want to simualte the transmitted power and Poynting vector with 2d z monitor like the below picture.


      Because of the wavelength range of the dipole source, transmitted power and the poynting vector profile are very different.

      I want to know the difference between two dipoles....

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Internal algorithm optimizes the pulse length with the specified wavelength range. In your case the change might be small. If you want to compare them, you can extract the source data: spectrum and the time signal.

      Since dipole radiates in 3D, 2D monitor data might not be very meaningful: the transmission might be dependent on the monitor location. In some cases a plane monitor is not larger enough to pick up all the radiations in that plane, as the radiation angle can be 180 deg. This is of course depending on the dipole poarization and the monitor plane.

      If you want to get the transmitted power from a z plane monitor accurately, you will need to use very large xy spans, and make sure the intensity at the monitor edge is close to zero. Then it can give you the forward-transmission.

      If your goal is to get the result at only one wavelength, say 0.226um, then for the broadband source 0.2~0.24um, it is more accurate than the source at 0.226, as the former will have finer mesh because its min wavelength is shorter, and the mesh size depends on the min wavelength specified in the source spectrum.



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