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General Mechanical

Directional Deformation

    • Flishaa


      I have applied (1°C) increases of temperature from (22 °C) to (23 °C) on (12 m) (6in) pipe, and I have got the Directional Deformation in (x)Axis at the free end of the pipe as (0.0000671 m) as shown in the photo, while in the manual calculation is (0.000138 m).

      ?L =  α  Lo  ?T                (1)


      ?L = Elongation (m)                       α   = Temperature expansion coefficient (Strain/°C)

      Lo = Initial length (m)                   ?T = Temperature difference (°C)

      ?L = 0.0000115 x 12 x 1 = 0.000138 m

      Is the Directional Deformation in (x)Axis = ?L  or not?    

      Why 0.0000671 ≠ 0.000138 ?!!!

      Does anyone can explain how?!!!      

      Thank you


    • SaiD
      Ansys Employee
      Hi,nThat is strange! Could you tell a bit more about your boundary conditions? Is the Temperature boundary condition applied over the entire body and not just outer surfaces or some part of the body? Did you use a pre-existing material database or create your own?nSain
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