Directory Access/Creation Errors Crashing Simulation

    • powers1234

      Hi all,

              I'm modeling an inductively heated cylinder with a large number of small channels running axially through it. I can successfully mesh the cylinder, but when I attempt to analyze all, it throws an error "Can not access or create directory CWINDOWS/system32/UdmDefFiles", then after a long time I get "Process '3dedy' terminated abnormally. It may have run out of memory or could have been killed by the user." This project is stored on the data drive of a desktop that should have close to 1 TB of storage, and since I've been running into these issues I tried setting the maximum number of passes to 1 and increasing the percent error to 20% in an effort to reduce the volume of stored data. However, nothing seems to make it complete the simulation. I have looked through google to no avail, which is why I'm turning to this community. Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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