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    • smjang

      Good morning
      If you have any questions while analyzing Discovery-related issues, please contact us.
      The simulation file uploaded together is about flow analysis.

      First, the result I want to see is the change in temperature of the liquid inside the pipe when the liquid flows inside the pipe and the wind blows outside the pipe.
      To check this, we set the starting temperature (22 c) by designating water inside the pipe.
      And by creating an external volume of the pipe, we set the wind to flow at a very low temperature (-5 C).
      These settings apply only to flow analysis, and the analysis was performed in the Explore stage.
      However, the material for the pipe is set to Steel, and I am curious if the temperature is included in the material property value for the pipe in this flow analysis. (pipe thermal conductivity)
      The simulation file is also attached, so please check it.


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    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello smjang

      I looked at the model and the physics setup and this type of analysis is referred as Conjugate Heat Transfer analysis. This physics type is currently not available in Explore mode. It is only available in Refine mode. Also, I don't think 2 separate fluids can be modeled in refine mode as well.

      Also, the model doesn't seem to be correctly designed. The pipe and its inside fluid is enclosed within the outer volume and the outer air is touching the water at the pipe inlet, which is not correct. You can extend the pipe at both ends to touch the enclosure so that the 2 fluids are completely disconnected. Note that even with this change, the limitation mentioned above still exists, so you may not be able to model this is Explore mode.

      • smjang

        Naresh Patre Thank you. We will proceed with reference to the answer.

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