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Discovery Licensing Issue ( Curl Error)


    • tim.dukes

      Hi has anyone any idea what this error is. When launching the Discovery Products this is appearing. 




      Also not having any luck activating via the command prompt with the activation code.

    • tim.dukes

      Have just seen this which is what customer is seeing when checking the connection so will try these steps.


      6) For ping command showing 0% loss:

      If ping command output is showing 0% loss and still you are unable to launch Discovery product, then perform following steps:

      1.    Send output of ping command to Discovery Support Team

      2.    Download attachment "" from below link and extract Download Curl Installer

      3.    Rename curl.exe.tmp to curl.exe 

      4.    Open Command prompt in administrative mode and go to the location where curl.exe is saved

      5.    Execute following command:

      curl.exe -v

      6.    Send the output of above command to Discovery Support Team


      7.    Type %temp% in Windows Search and go inside .ansys folder. Locate .log file starting with ansysls_client* and send it toDiscovery Support Team

      8.    Send following log files located at ~/Ansys Inc



      Install.err (if it exists)

    • Brian Bueno
      Ansys Employee

      Tim Dukes

      Based on the images in the email received from the customer, my initial guess is that they are running an older version of Discovery that does not support an enterprise floating license.  I have advised the user to download and install Discovery 19.2.

    • l.janicek

      Hi, could you tell me, what is the solution of this problem, please?


      Our customer has the same problem. He has subscription and Discovery 19.2.


      The error is: Curl Error (35) SSL connect error

      Ping to is OK.


      Thank you, Lukas

    • tim.dukes

      Hi Lukas


      I think our customer did a manual activation in this instance. We have had other customers with Curl error and this was due to proxy server issues so following this may be worth a try.



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