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Discovery Live activation trouble


    • kawabata

      Our customer has a problem about license activation.
      When he launches Discovery Live (2020R2), Discovery Live does not launch. I do not receive any screen capture, but following error message exists in  "ansysls_client.***.log" file.
         Curl Error (35) SSL connect error - schannel: next InitializeSecurityContext failed: Unknown error (0x80092012) - 

      He has another machine, Discovery Live in the machine works fine.
      (He says) He sets environment variable: HTTPS_PROXY, antivirus, firewalls and connections between seven sites.
      I asked him installation of CA Certificates because "Curl Error (60) Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates" was in the log file.

      What should he do/check in next? Would you let me know?
      I have received ".ansys" folder from him. So, I can send it to you.

       Thanks in advance, 

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Ichiro

      I haven't seen this type of curl error before, so not sure what could be the reason and how to overcome it. Please make all the firewall and proxy server changes and mentioned in section 5 of below mentioned trouble shooting document. If the issue persists, please send all the files as listed in section 6 of the same document.

      Discovery License Activation Troubleshooting - Knowledge Base - Ansys Discovery Forum

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