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Discovery Live: Multiple Inlets/Outlets

    • hlim
      Hi, I've tried to model flow in a heat exchanger and set two flow inlets and outlets during the simulation setup stage. However, only one set of inlet and outlet seem to be appearing.  
    • Gaurav Sharma

      Hi hlim

      The heat exchanger problem you are handling typically requires two distinct fluid volumes. Can you please confirm if both the fluid volumes are "set as simulation bodies". This can be done by right clicking on volume under structure tree as shown below:


      If this is already taken care of, can you please share your model so that I have a better look at your setup before providing any further suggestion.

      Thanks & Regards,


    • duarte.vasconcelos

      Hello hlim

      Currently Discovery Live does not support coupled heat transfer. So, even if you define 2 fluid volumes in your heat exchanger, it is not possible to transfer heat from the fluid to the solid and vice-versa.

      The only for a solid to heat the fluid is to manually define a heat source on the walls contacting the fluid, and this eliminates completely the function of the heat exchanger.

      This will be added in a future release, but is still NOT available in 2019 R3.

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