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Discovery Import

(Discovery Live) Solution not saved

    • hlim


      Recently I've had problems with having to create a new solution every time after I reboot my computer as the previous solution disappears even though I'd saved  the file. I was wondering if this was just a bug or if I needed to click on another save option.

    • Gaurav Sharma

      Hi hlim

      Can you please provide some more information:

      1. What version are you using?
      2. Can you please open a new Discovery Live session and you will get the "What would you like to simulate" window. At the bottom you can see "recent documents". Do you see the model in concern listed there. If yes, can you try and open it from here and see what happens?
      3. Also, can you confirm is the problem occurring only after restarting. For this, please create a dummy project, save it, close it and open it again to see if the same problem occurs now as well.

      Thanks & Regards,


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