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Discovery Temp File Memory Getting Large

    • seffa
      I have noticed my computer's memory has filled up even though there is very little installed on it. I dug through the computers files to find the source and found that Discovery's Temp file is 21.5 GB. I attached a photo for reference.   My question is what am I able to delete in order to free up space and what will happen if I do delete these Temp files?   I also found a bunch of Temp files (~30 GB) from Discovery AIM from when I used that. I am assuming I can delete these as well since I no longer use that program. That is the second and third picture.   Thanks Sam
    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello seffa

      I am not sure how the temp file size could be so big. Maybe some of your AIM and Discovery sessions might have crashed which resulted in storing some temporary data.

      I think it is safe to delete the data from the temp folder.

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