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Discovery Wrap Command for PyAnsys (Scripting)


    • Lukas Bülow

      Hi Guys,

      I have a Problem with PyAnsys scripting, I need a command or codeline for the Wrap-Tool in Ansys. For every Command in "Construction" i could simply use the Record Function of Discovery but for the Wrap-Command which is in "Prepare" this does not work.
      I've also read about a Wrap-Command that works with the Project-Tool (which would be nice because this works via the "Construction" Tab) but i cannot find the "Wrap" option there.

      I just want to Wrap a 2D-Curve around a cylindrical Object via Scripting.

      I Really Hope someone can help me !
      Thanks !

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello @Lukas

      I have the below commands from SpaceClaim scripting. I hope they will work in Discovery as well:

      option = WrapOptions()
      option.Extrude = True
      option.Imprint = False
      object = Selection.Create(GetRootPart().Bodies[0].Faces[4])
      target = Selection.Create(GetRootPart().Bodies[1])

      Naresh Patre

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