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Discrepancy between face area displayed in DesignModeler vs. Mechanical?

    • Nikita
      Ansys Employee

      Why is there a discrepancy between the face area displayed in DM vs. Mechanical, and how to improve it?

    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      The area measurements shown in Mechanical are approximate based on the tessellation. The value shown in DM is calculated in the geometry kernel, and is very accurate. This can be improved further by increasing the Graphics Facet Quality in DM. It improves the faceting on the curved entities and captures it better. And hence it reduces the discrepancy of the geometric properties like area, length.

      To change the setting, under DM, go to Tools // Options // DesignModeler // Graphics // Facet Quality and set it to a higher value (default = 5). Once it is changed, refresh the geometry in Mechanical.

      A drawback to increasing this value may be longer attach times and slower geometry manipulation.

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