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Discrete Ordinate (DO) – Lamp Wall/Shadow Wall Boundary Condition

    • Luis Nery

      Hi people!

      I am trying to setup a lamp wall in DO radiation model. My end goal is to have a purely diffuse wall with a 93.1 Wm2 of external irradiance.


      My issue is:

      As the wall has a contact with a fluid region, Ansys is creating a wall and its shadow pair. When that happens I am not able to access this settings (table 1 below):

      I only see (table 2 below):


      How can I set diffuse irradiation in this scenario? (similar to table 1)



    • C N
      Ansys Employee


      I recommend you to go through this user guide link in order to understand how to set up the semi transparent boundary wall condition for the DO model set up . 5.3.6. Discrete Ordinates (DO) Radiation Model Theory (ansys.com)  In that refer Semi-Transparent Interior Walls

      I hope this helps you in understanding the boundary conditon set up.


      Chaitanya Natraj


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