Discrete Phase – Physical Models

    • mardott

      Hi all,

      I know the difference between 1way and 2way coupling, and how to set it, but I see that all the "Physical Models" are all still available, regardless if the "interaction with continuous phase" is ticked or not .

      So I have a doubt regarding how these models actually work.

      Let's assume I'm eg. interested in "Particle Radiation Interaction", does it mean that when 1way coupling, I have radiation from the continuous phase on my particles, and when I have 2way coupling I have, in addition, radiation from the particles to the flow?

      Or is it always that the flow only can give radiation to the particles?

    • Surya Deb
      Ansys Employee
      For a 2 way coupled simulation, there will always be source terms on the DPM side which will feed into the momentum and energy equations.
      So these source terms make sure that the flow and particles are tightly coupled to one another.
      If the particles don't influence the flow, then these source terms are generally not needed and so "Coupled" solution is not needed.
      Regards SD
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