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Displacement condition

    • Pranshu Kharbanda


      I am trying to simulate stick-slip motion for a simple setup of a block and beam shown below

      Here, C remote displacement restricts motion & rotation of long beam in Y and Z direction. Earth gravity is applied in Y direction. Another displacement is applied in X direction as a ramp signal. This causes the top block to slip on the beam during time 0.5s to 0.6 s (ramp down).

      However, I want to clarify the meaning of displacement constraint applied in ansys. Is it considered as a force applied in ansys which it self calculates? I tried to see the reaction force at displacement constraint but couldn't understand from the values i am getting. 



    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator

      Hi Pranshu,

      Displacement support applies displacement on the block. The reaction force indicates the reaction due to applied displacement.


      Ashish Khemka


    • Pranshu Kharbanda

      Hi Ashish, thanks for your reply, Yes i get that. 

      In my scenario, I am representing a piezoelectric element with displacement constraint. Here the expansion of piezoelectric will be expected to push the long beam forward.

      For piezo the Force output (F) and displacement (x) are related by Hooke's law i.e. F = kx. So, my confusion is if I apply a displacement constraint as shown by waveform earlier (kindly see red arrow for the location of this constraint) will it be representative of the piezoelectric element. Or if not, what could be the correct it through addition of spring in ansys workbench?

      Thanks much for your time!

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