Display mesh with color by ID, can I choose which ID gets what color.

    • xfreekx


      I want to view my (overset) mesh and see which part of the mesh comes from which part.

      A nice way to do this is by displaying the mesh with color by ID.

      However, Fluent assigns colors to the ID's which I am not a fan of, they all get a different kind of red, which makes it hard to make out the different meshes. Or he gives one ID the color white, which is also not favourable.

      I was wondering if I can set which ID I want to have which color in the mesh display.




    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You can, but the setting is not always retained when you refresh the graphics as it's an older tool. In the top menu under Viewing select the Compose button and have try that.  

    • xfreekx

      Thanks that worked!

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