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General Mechanical

Distributed ANSYS Total Element Strain Energy

    • OmegaZac

      Hi, I'm a research assistant trying to run a script on a HPC cluster. In this script I sum up the strain energy across all elements. This is then saved to a file. ie, I'm using `*GET,ENG(i),ELEM,i,SENE` to store the strain energy of each element. Now, when I run in SMP mode this works fine. However when I use '-dis' the strain energy of the element is no longer stored in the database. Upon reading the parallel computing guide I see that SOME (unspecified) *GET items are not supported. I assume SENE is among these. Is there a way around this?

      EDIT: Additionally, is there a way to make ANSYS store everything in ram and not write/read from harddisk? ie, rst file is not written to disk but kept in memory.

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