Does anybody know how to simulate the communications between two or more antennas in a same airbox?

    • xuehewang

      As titled.

      My plan is to check how good the communication is between two antennas(One as the transmitter while the other as the receiver), but when I put them inside a same airbox and simulated them, I don't know how to plot the field between them and how to set one a receiver and the other as the transmitter.

      Could somebody help me with it plz?

    • asamaiyar

      Hi xuehewang,

      You can modify sources as shown in figure below (HFSS > Fields > Edit Sources...):

      In above example, Port #1 is OFF (or just receiving) and Port #2 is ON (transmitting). Now you can plot the fields between them.

      I would also recommend using separate FE-BI on Tx and Rx instead of one huge airbox. Ansys has tools like Savant or EMIT which may be much better for multiple Tx and Rx placed far away from each other.

      Hope this helped!



    • xuehewang

      Thanks a lot

    • Isadora

      Hi asamaiyar,

      I have the same question. But how to deal with the air between those boxes? All the boundaries needs to be set are just two FE-BI boundaries? When I use two FE-BI boxes, dose the simulator consider the distance between them, or no matter what distance, they are considered as far field?

      Thank you so much!

    • Manu007

      Hi xuehewang
      Did u get the results ?,after modifing the ports as suggested.
      And were the S12 and S21 plots similar


    • Peter Serano
      Ansys Employee

      @Isadora - when you use FE-BI boundaries HFSS calculates the interactions between the surface currents on the two boxes and takes the distance into account using Green's Functions...

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