Does Lumerical support all interconnect library element in Cadence Virtuoso?

    • zz1f17

      Dear Lumerical Support team,

      I have two questions about co-simulation:

      1. Do you support all the interconnect library element in Cadence Virtuoso? For example, I can setup a Mux design in the virtuoso "schematic". It will need an interconnect element "Optical Network Analyzer", and I can use it in the Virtuoso?
      2. How can I use script in the virtuoso interface?

      Thank you,


    • Greg Baethge
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Zhexuan,

      Thanks for posting your question on the forum. Typically, to use an INTERCONNECT element in Virtuoso, the corresponding symbol should be provided in a Virtuoso library. When setting up the EPDA environment, the INTERCONNECTlib library is installed in your working directory, it contains many optical primitive elements from INTERCONNECT. That said, analyzers such as the ONA cannot be added to the schematic, but you can setup your Virtuoso simulation for an ONA simulation. When you run the simulation, the ONA will be added to the circuit exported to INTERCONNECT. Please refer to the Cadence interoperability documentation for more information. Note some of these pages require a valid license. Contact your account manager if you can’t access these pages.

      Regarding the second question, I have to admit I’m not overly familiar with the Cadence Virtuoso environment, but I would expect some scripting environment. This is something you may want to check in the Cadence documentation.

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