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Does not drill geomechanics LS-Dyna ACT

    • javat33489

      Hi all.

      See I did two identical tests.

      In one, a SPH die of aluminum is drilled, in the second of concrete and sandstone.

      Aluminum cuts well, but it does not cut concrete and sandstone.

      Aluminum uses Johnson-Cook + EOS material.

      Mohr-Coulomb sandstone and Drucker-Prager concrete.

      Why are sandstone and concrete not drilled?





      Calculation time:



      I also wanted to add a map snippet with other stuff that takes EOS into account:

      But the LS-Dyna ACT workbench gives an error:

      LS-Dyna prepost on such material gives an error:

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee

      Hi javat,

      you can insert the material snippets as commands to specific to the part. Parts are serilised in the WB 

      you need an damage accounting to the Mohr-coulomb as the material model is updated recently, 

      cheers, ram 


      • javat33489

        I used the sandstone material from the WB base with More-Columbus. But it also doesn't wobble.

        I found my mistake: the snippet-material needs to be inserted into the geometry part.

        But why doesn't the stuff work in LS-Dyna prepost (not WB)?

        And in the Workbench, an error will appear on "_TITLE" in the title of the material.

        After failing the sandstone and concrete materials from the WB base with More-Columbus, I decided to try the Johnson-Holmquist material.

    • javat33489

      Fine. it all worked. it was necessary to insert the LS-Dine snippet CONTROL_CONTACT.💯

      But Johnson-Holmquist material does not work in LS Prepost.

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