Does Solution Stabilization Affect Wall Shear Stress Values?

    • RaiderDoctor

      Hey guys,

      I plan on running a simple test case to either confirm or reject this, but does enabling Solution Stabilization in the Dynamic Mesh options cause any adverse effects on the Wall Shear Stress? At its core, Solution Stabilization acts as a way to dampen, or slow, the pressure response on the walls to allow for the solution to find the appropriate value rather than oscillating out of control. According to the manual, this is done by introducing a scaling factor on the continuity equation at the location of the boundary. While it says that it does not have an effect on a converged solution (key word being converged), I am left to wonder if this will cause the wall shear stress in that region to read incorrect or inaccurate values.

      Does anyone have any experience with this?

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