Ansys Gateway powered by AWS

Ansys Gateway powered by AWS

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Does the network connection or information leaves AWS?


    • Vaibhav Dixit
      Ansys Employee

      Q: Does any network traffic between the Ansys Gateway Control Plane and the customer VPC leave the AWS cloud?
      A: There should not be any, but that’s technically a question for AWS, both Control Plane and Customer VPC are in AWS, so theoretically not, but AWS routing is out of Ansys control.  With the introduction of AnsysID, the auth will be outside AWS.


      Q: Does any customer identifiable information leave the Ansys Gateway control plane / Ansys AWS tenancy? Thinking about datadog here.
      A: Only meta-data is recorded and sent to the logging service, this may include instance names, domain names, user names and IP addresses.

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