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does this direction of force reaction make sense in Ansys ?

    • munkhunur

      Dear experts,

      Is there any meaning in that direction of force reaction in the Ansys result? ANSYS SHOWS ME THAT RESULT (Fig. 2) when applying 100 mm displacement to the model (Fig. 1).

      If that direction of the force reaction must be needed correction, do I have to create a new coordinate system on the vertex where I applied displacement?

    • Saumadeep
      Ansys Employee

      The direction of the reaction is dependent on how the loads are applied with respect to the boundary conditions. For more info on reactions, please refer to - Reactions: Forces and Moments (
      For your case, can you please share screenshots of how the boundary conditions and loads are applied in Ansys Mechanical? This could help us get a clear idea of why the reaction force is showing up in that particular direction.

      Thanks, Saumadeep
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    • jonsoln
      It seems like you have probed the force reaction of the deformation boundary condition, which shows what force is applied to create the deformation you have specified. With large deformations on and zero vertical deformation , you would expect the force to have a horizontal component to displace the structure 100mm horizontally and a vertical component to counter the vertical displacement from the rotation. If this is correct then the force is indeed in the right direction.

      If you have no boundary conditions on the right side of the top of the beam, why do you expect a reaction force here?
    • munkhunur
      Dear saumadeep and Jonsoln Here is the screenshot of boundary conditions.

      Here is how I picked the definition of BC up.
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