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Does Twin Builder and AEDT Mechancal need special extra Licence?

    • ansyskrid
      I want to use Twin Buider and Mechanical in the AEDT suite , however when I run simulation I get the error that these are not in licensing pool. 
      For Twin Builder : I used Pipe3D static Rom example and Motorcad FMU example. Both give error.
      Failover feature 'Ansys Twin Builder' is not available.
      Request name simplorer_twin_models does not exist in the licensing pool.
      No such feature exists.
      License path
      For mechanical: Motor Housing 
          [error] Failover feature 'Ansys Mechanical Pro' is not available. Request name mech_1 does not exist in the licensing pool. No such feature exists. Feature:       mech_1 ; FlexNet Licensing error:-5,147 (10:16:12 AM  Sep 13, 2022)
          [error] Simulation was terminated by license error.
       Before running the examples I did save them in local drive.

      Pro, peremium option is on

      Is there any other setting that needs to be set before running these?
      I have no issue in running Maxwell and Icepak(which i use most frequently)

      Also, Can someone let me know the commands for run in command prompt to inquire which license I have and what can be run with those licenses?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Twin Builder needs a separate licence. The Mechanical solver is also a separate licence to the Electronics software (Maxwell, Icepak etc).  You need to open the licence manager to see what's available, do you have a local licence or link to the campus network?

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