domain and thread looping with solid and fluid zones

    • tallred11


      I'm working on a two-phase VOF simulation that has both solid zones and fluid zones. I have heat transfer and fluid flow in the model. Previously, I only had the fluid zone and the UDF I'm using worked fine; however, once I added the solid zone, I started getting the "Received Signal SIGSEGV" error.

      I suspect this is an issue with how I am accessing the domains and subdomains during the initialization UDF. I know that in the fluid zone, I will have mixture, liquid, and vapor subdomains. However, in the solid zone, I assume I just have a "mixture" subdomain? 

      I was previously doing a sub_domain_loop -> thread_loop_c -> begin_c_loop_all when I had only the fluid zones and then I would set the initial conditions. Because I have the solid domain now, is this trying to access nonexistent subdomains on the solid and giving this error?

      Do I need to loop across just the fluid zone cells to set the initial VOF parameters and then loop over all cells to set the initial thermal parameters? If so, how do I do this?


    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      FLUID_ THREAD_ P of thread return true if fluid. Use that in if condition to avoid access violation.
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