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domain reduction method

    • Maryam Tabbakhh

      Hi All. I am trying to implement DRM boundary like Bielak proposed to simulate the behavior of soil. Like the figure below. The forces need to apply to the interior and exterior nodes of the DRM layer. I was wondering how can I do that in LSDYNA? Should I transfer displacement there and it will take care of calculating the forces at that layer or I need to appy both acceleration and displacement there? 


      Thanks for the info 

      Three-dimensional nonlinear soil–structure interactionfor Rayleigh wave incidence in layered soils, Nguyen et all.

    • Ushnish Basu
      Ansys Employee

      More detailed answer is here:

      You can use INTERFACE_SSI__AUX to record free-field motions and forces in a free-field model, and then apply them to the soil-structure model using LOAD_SEISMIC_SSI_AUX

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