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Don’t know how to define internal heat generation function as a function of coordinates x, y

    • mem1chael

      Hello everyone! I am doing my course work at the university and I have to do one auxiliary thing using Ansys, Steady-State Thermal toolbox. I have to solve the following task:

    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee
      there are several ways to solve this. Do you know APDL? If not create a Excel sheet with X & Y locations that cover the extent of the heat generating region. Maybe in a half unit increment. Or what ever seems appropriate to capture the equation. Then the third column is the value of that Q function. Save it as a CSV file and use External Data to read in the file. Set the columns to be X, Y and Heat Generation. Then on the WB Project page link the external data to the setup cell of the analysis. This will give an Imported Load item in the analysis. Scope it to the body and map the data to the mesh.
      Search the Help for "External Data" and read up on that component system.
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