Double skin facade airflow model

    • Wen5555
      I m student of Cracov University of Technolog. I am writing my  thesis. It s main subject is the issue of double skin facade. I wanna use your software to modeling of airflow  between the glass coatings of a double skin facade.

      Does the program have such capabilities?
      To better understanding I m  sending a link with description:



      How can i get a students version of your softwer.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Please can you post the images: we're not permitted to review/download from links for various reasons. 

      We can model flow in facades (I've done it) but I don't understand how you'd get flow between coating layers unless it's a translation issue.  Student (for your learning) can  be found on ansys.com/academic  if you need research licences please ask your supervisor to contact us via the button on ansys.com  

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