Doubt of spectral fraction effects

    • nep


      I have checked the Ansys Fluent guide but I don't understand what the spectral fraction is for. I'm attaching an image of my example, I want to filter the radiation in a specific band:

    • Karthik R
      I'm not sure if we have an example ready that showcases the effect of this parameter. To explain that this parameter is doing: It gives you the split between visible and infra-red radiations. Please have a look at this link to understand this better.
      14.3.11. Solar Load Model (ansys.com)
    • nep
      Yes, i read the Ansys guide. I see in other page this: "the spectral fraction is the final input in the Radiation Model dialog box. This defines the split of visible and infra-red (shortwave and longwave respectively) radiation, specifically the fraction of the DIRECT irradiation flux that is in the visible band. These quantities can also be defined through the text interface."
      So... i understand that it's a coefficient what regulates the "orange" difference of my imagen, it's correct??
      if this were true, this spectral fraction would be multiplied in fluent by the w/m2 of direct radiation? (in my case, because I don't have diffuse).

      Thanks for your help.
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