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Doubt on Force and Gravity

    • chad.capote

      I've had this doubt for a long time. Suppose a person falls off a tall cliff (let's assume 500metres) from their bike or car - the vehicle and the person gain acceleration due to gravity, thus creating higher force on impact as Force= Mass x Acceleration. I hope I'm right until this point. Suppose the person is able to jump off the bike or car 15m or 20m before the crash, as in, uses the vehicle as a push-off and creates a trajectory like an inverted parabola, does the person negate the acceleration gained due to gravity accumulated over a fall of 480-485m? Does it mean that now it is as good as falling from a 15-20m high building? Or does jumping off from the vehicle doesn't amount to much - if yes, is it related to weightlessness?


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I think you've been watching too many cartoons! How fast would the vehicle be moving just before impact, and how fast is the person jumping? 


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