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Doubts Regarding PyAnsys: Changing Residual Values, Printing Report Definitions,

    • Paul Stephen

      Title: Doubts Regarding PyAnsys Course: Changing Residual Values, Printing Report Definitions, and Initialization Options

      Hello Ansys Community!

      I recently attended the PyAnsys course provided by Ansys, and I must say it was an enriching learning experience. I would like to express my gratitude to the instructors for their excellent training. However, I have a few doubts regarding certain functionalities, and I would appreciate any guidance or insights from the community.

      Changing Residual Values ( values of absolute criteria from [1e-3] to [1e-6]Using the Python Console:
      In my simulation, I am interested in modifying the convergence criteria for residuals. Could someone please explain how we can change the values of residuals using the Python console? I would like to adjust these values to achieve better convergence.

      Choosing the "Print to Console" Option for Report Definitions:
      While defining report definitions, such as the lift coefficient, I would like to know how to select the option to print the results directly to the console using the Python console. This would be helpful for real-time monitoring and analysis during simulations.

      Selecting Options like "Compute from" Options under the reference value Tab and the Initialization Tab:
      Within the PyAnsys environment, there is an Initialization tab that offers various options. However, I'm uncertain about the process of choosing between these options programmatically using Python. Can someone provide insights on how to make the appropriate selection based on specific simulation requirements?

      I believe that the Ansys community is filled with knowledgeable individuals who can shed light on these queries. I eagerly await your responses and appreciate any assistance you can provide.

      Thank you all for your time and support!

      Best regards,
      Paul Stephen

    • Supreetha J


      PyAnsys project is developed and supported through GitHub. You can post issues and request new featured on the the Issues page for each package, or contact PyAnsys support. For more details, please refer to PyAnsys GitHub page:

      Thank you.

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