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General Mechanical

(DP 0) coupling problems

    • JASONCHANG8888

      Hello everyone, I encountered this problem when the system was coupled   

       (DP 0) Participant Solution 1 encountered a fatal error. Message: The Mechanical beginning time 2 is different from the system coupling service beginning time 0.  This may have been caused by changes made to the Mechanical setup or upstream data. Please do not save the project if you would like to recover to the last saved state.

      I would like to ask how to set Thank you

      This is a transient structure


      This is fluid

      This is coupling

    • NicoKlein

      First of all, the time in transient structural does not match the end time in system coupling, which should not cause the problem - just a friendly reminder.


      Secondly, this error usually occurs, when you started the system coupling - stopped or error for whatever reason - made some changes and then restarted it. This is where this error occurs, you need to remove the transient structural system completely and set it up again. 


      Hope that helps and sorry for the late answer.


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