DP update in sequence?

    • shawn.naigle

      I'm generating design points via design of experiments. When I select update, I get a series of warnings followed by errors. The Warning is "(DP x) License not available" and the error states "(DP x) Update of the Solution component in Fluid Flow (Fluent) for Design Point x failed: Background update of Fluent's Solution has failed. Could not find Solution.trn".

      The project makes it through the Geometry and Mesh updates without an issue, but fails at the Solution. Additionally, the design points have no problem updating when individually updated in the Parameter Set tab. The project seems to be trying to run fluent in multiple parallel jobs for each DP.

      Note: I'm running the student version of 2021R1 and have the setup set for parallel with 4 processors.

      Is there a way to force Workbench to update these in sequence?

      See Project and Parameter Set tab pictures.

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Yes if you set up remote solve manager using local machine so your current machine you can tell make update every dp sequentially
    • shawn.naigle
      Dr. Amine.
      That proved successful. I also found that if I changed the Update Option under the Solution Properties to "Run in Foreground" also fixed it.
      Vielen Dank.
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