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Drag analysis of a boat

    • Ruben Joosten

      I’m currently simulating an enclosed boat in water.
      I want to find the drag coefficient of the boat. I’m currently achieving values of 0.09 for the drag coefficient which seems unrealistic.
      I have attached the drag coefficient and lift coefficient plots below over a specific time frame.

      It would be preferred to have the boat moving up and down and implement waves at some point, however currently the drag coefficient is all I need. Which is why I feel this setup is good enough for the low speeds. Correct me if i'm wrong.

      I’m currently using the following settings:

      Mesh-> Around 3 million elements containing-
      BOI at the back of the boat,
      BOI around the boat and a long BOI at the waterline to refine mesh in these sections
      General: Gravity , transient flow, pressure based solver, VOF open channel flow
      Multiphase flow
      K-Omega SST turbulence model
      Pressure inlet and outlet
      Open channel BC’s
      Velocity 1.5m/s
      Walls stationary
      Waterline at 0.25m

      Solution settings:
      PISO scheme
      Gradient = Green- gauss cell based
      Pressure = PRESTO
      Remaining sections have Second order upwind
      2500 time steps, time step size is 0.003
      Transient formulation= First order implicit

      Can someone help me identify why I get such low drag coefficients or help me understand what I can do to ensure a reliable simulation for the drag forces. I would really appreciate a quick video call if possible.

    • Ahmed Hussien
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Ruben, I recommend examining the calculation of the drag coefficient. The drag coefficient can exhibit significant variations based on the chosen reference values. To illustrate, certain approaches utilize the wetted area (the portion covered by water), while others use the cross-sectional area. Additionally, ensure that you appropriately assign the accurate reference values in your model, such as density and area. To conclude, make sure that the same reference values are used in your fluent model.

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