Drag calculation through CFD simulation of 3d airfoil under water

    • Afzal Iqbal

      I have build a NACA foil 0015 with a span of 8cm and conducted my flow simulation under k-omega SST model. The flow speed is 0.5m/s inside water. The boundry conditions have been set using http://ichrome.com/blogs/archives/342 and tubulent viscosity ratio to 10

      The scaled reodual convereged

      But the drag graph is absurd. Giving -17N drag force at the end. Furthermore in post processing when I used function calculator to get the force in x-direction for hydrofoil (drag) I got 0.089N as my result. Can anyone point out the error/ Thanks.



    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      Can you add the screenshots behind your drag report?

    • Federico Alzamora Previtali

      How did you define the drag in your report?

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