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Draping Error while creating an blade of composite material

    • jp_jason

      Hello Ansys-Community,

      with the help of ACP-Pre I have created a blade of fiber composite material. One effect that should not be neglected in an structural-dynamic analysis for curved fiber composite components is the draping effect.

      To consider the draping effect I used the draping selection while creating the Oriented Selections Set (OSS). Unfortunately I got the following error message. 

      Warning: Structure seems to be cyclic or can not be draped for some other topological reason.

      Error: Draping of Oriented Selection Set OrientedSelectionSet.1 could not be updated. Please check the settings and ply topology.

      Different seed points and mesh sizes were tried.

      According to the warning it is due to the curved shape of the blade or other topological issues. Is this plausible? Maybe someone has an idea how to do to identify the problem.

      Attached is a photo of the surface of the blade where the draping should take place.

    • Sean Harvey
      Ansys Employee

      This surface should have no reason to drape. Is there any feature on the surface where the draping is getting messed up? Did you also try changing the draping direction from auto? You can specify a vector to start the draping in that direction. Please try that and see if you still have any issues.
      One other item I see is your aspect ratio is pretty large on the curved leading edge. Now the draping mesh is independent of the FEA mesh, but I did want to point out that smaller aspect ratios would be preferrable. You could try improving the mesh to have better aspect rations and along with the above recommendation see if it fixes the issue.
      Finally, are you using standard draping settings on the material or are you specifying something different.
      Thank you
    • jp_jason

      thanks a lot for your response and sorry for my late answer.
      Solved the problem!
      I created a mesh with a better aspect ratio. Thus a draping mesh could be generated without any error or warning.
      Thanks for the help!´╗┐­ƒÿÇ
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