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drop test material model LSs-Dyna

    • purush537


      I am using Ansys Workbench LS-DYNA to simulate drop test for one our products, constitutes mainly plastic materials (like PC, PEI, POM). I am using MAT24 material model for drop analysis. When I observed tensile stress strain vs compressive stress strain curve for the given plastic material, both curves deviates drastically. To input effective plastic strains for MAT24 material card, which stress strain curve should I need to use (tensile or compressive) for drop test analysis.



    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee
      Plasticity terms generally refer to the tensile, for metals is would be best if you use MAT_24 and if you have plastic parts used MAT_124 with tension compression (stress versus effective plastic strain)
      cheers, Ram
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