Droplet Impact on Structured surfaces UDF.

    • usama

      Dear Ansys Community, hope you shall be in good health. i need help because i am facing some problem regarding droplet impact on the structured surface.

      i am doing a 3D simulation for analysis of droplet spreading behavior on the structured surface.

      i have written the udf is attached in the pictures.

      To get spreading behavior/spreading factor/liquid-air interface the


      r[i]=e[0]; "

      is used in the udf.

      1) the problem i am facing right now when the droplet hits the structured surface the fluent crashes every time.

      2) if I remove that command mentioned above in the udf the fluent runs perfectly.

      can you help me to fix this issue?

      I need to use this command to get the spreading factor of the droplet impact.

      i also attached the udf pictures and geometry pictures in the form pictures.

      please reply urgently.

      i have a due date of the project in my University.

    • usama
      Dear abdullha i am also looking for help. l am not currently working on droplet entering in capillary tube.
      please search some articles regarding this.
      usama tahir
    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      Duplicate, so closing. a thanks for responding to the question, I've moved it so you're not going mad!
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