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Drucker Pragar Cap Model for Powder Comapction

    • Jianchi Huang
      Dear all,
      Since I am trying to simulate the ceramic powder compaction process with Ansys WorkBench Static Structural, I had some questions and could anyone shed some light on my questions?
      1. The parameters required for the Drucker-Prager model in engineering data are different from what I can find in the literature. For example, the uniaxial compressive/tensile strengths and residual cohesion were not used in the paper I can find but they were required in Ansys. When I checked the user manual of engineering data, it did not explain each parameter in detail or the theory used by Ansys here. 
      2. In the manual of engineering data, it mentioned 'see more information in Drucker-Prager concrete in material reference' but the hyperlink did not work. I could only find the so-called Ansys Mechanical APDL Material Reference file. Does that mean the Drucker-Prager model only works for concrete in Static Structural?  Do we have to use APDL if we want to implement the Drcker-Prager model to simulate the powder compaction process? 
      3. I might not find the correct manual/tutorial from Ansys website. Please advise if there is any.
      I found there was a Webinar about simulation of powder compaction process but more advanced commercial packages were used. Does that mean the simulation of the powder compaction process is not doable in Static Structural? If not, what package under Workbench do you recommend ? 
      Any advice would be appreciated!
      Jianchi Huang
    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee



      Try to make a search on the internet and there will be some information that is relevant perhaps.


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