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Drucker-Prager Concrete model (static structural analysis)

    • s.rangelova


      I am trying to model a confined concrete section and I want to use non-linear behavior of the concrete material. One of  the options to do that is to apply the Drucker-Prager material model, which includes uniaxial and biaxial compressive and tensile strength as input material properties. 

      I saw that in Ansys 18.2 a Drucker-Prager concrete model is available which combines Drucker-Prager surface for the compressive side and Rankine tension surface, which may represent better the overall behavior. However, I am not sure how to activate the combined model rather than just the Drucker-Prager option. Does anyone have experience with this for application in static structural analysis?

    • sujitbhandari

      Hi s.rangelova,

      I have recently used the material model with Rankine tension surface and linear HSD behavior.

      If you are modelling using ANSYS Workbench, then the material property is available under Geomechanics group of property definition. In APDL, you have the option to define using TB as TB,CONCR,,,,DP. ANSYS Help offers a vivid explanation on this topic under ANSYS Mechanical Material Reference>Geomechanics.


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