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Dual graphics Cards Ansys Discovery

    • tim.dukes
      Hi support does Discovery support two graphics card. I know you can't use two graphics cards at once but if two are installed on a PC can Discovery specify which one to use?   In the past there has been an issue and I am wondering if this is still the case.   The reason I ask is because a customer has SW 2019 and the graphics card they are using for Discovery isn't compatible with SW 2019.   Currently they are having to swap out the graphics card each time they want to use the other software.   If the PC can have two graphics card you can specify in the Nvidia control panel that Discovery uses that graphics card and SW uses the other. I am just wondering if you know if this would cause an issue?
    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Forum Moderator

      Hello Tim Dukes

      I'm not aware if having 2 GPU but using one of two graphics was an issue for Discovery. I think it should not be problem. 

      Please follow the instructions on this page to assign one of multiple GPUs on the machine to Discovery.

      Discovery : How to Delegate 1 of multiple GPUs to the Solver - Knowledge Base - Ansys Discovery Forum

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