Duplicate the material data and save it as a new material

    • PENG LI

      To whom it may concern

      Hi, I am trying to build an optimized grating structure. The idea is that based on the standrad focal grating coupler, I would like to add a photonic crystal structure before the grating coupler as you can see in the attached screenshot.


      I have modified the mesh order so that, for additional photonic crystal the mesh order is higher than that of the silicon grating coupler. 

      In order to see it better, I would like to make them appear in different colours.

      For example, the blue part is still silicon while the grey part is filled up with air.

      However, I cannot just modify the colour of the material inside the photonic crystal. If I change the colour of the silicon in the library, the whole silicon structure would change at the same time. So I will not be able to see the difference between the normal grating coupler and the additional photonic crystal.

      Is there a way to duplicate the silicon data and saved it as a new material with a different colour? If so, how can I do it?

      Thank you for the help.

      Yours sincerely



    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      In order to modify the material color, you can duplicate the material but with a different name. Then you can assign different material to different geometry, even though actually the materials have the same refractive index. It is the material name that has a color and only the newly added material can be modified.

      You can click "Copy" to duplicate the material. Before duplicating, make sure the material fitting is proper.


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