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    • maryam.mosayebi

       Hi everyone

      Would you please explain me what is the notepad file which we need in dynamic mesh to import in ANSYS workbench and how can I write this file for my project? Is there any tutorial for this kind of file?

      I want to solve FSI problem for a cylinder which I have used Autodesk Inventor 2019 to draw my CAD files as an assembly of body of the fluid and the body of the balloon. I would like to use workbench to combine fluent with transient structure. End goal is to prim this balloon through the inlet and let it completely become full while the outlet is closed. In next step, I am expecting an increase in the pressure to be represented by the balloon’s wall expansion to a certain pressure value. During this process both inlet and outlet should stay closed. The third step would include having the inlet close and the outlet open while balloon’s wall is compressing to its original size and its voiding/draining the fluid. For your convince I have attached a picture presenting these three steps. As I'm new to workbench, I was hoping if someone could kindly help me with this by giving me a guideline toward this.

      FYI, I am using workbench 19.1.

      Thank you very much, Maryam.

    • seeta gunti
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Maryam,

      We don't have exact application tutorial but similar to your application, opening and closing based on the pressure build up is given in the below link.

      We have multiple video tutorials on dynamic meshing. Please subscribe our channel and watch those videos.



    • maryam.mosayebi

      Thank you

      Best wishes,


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