Dynamic mesh issue with polyhedral-hexcore mesh

    • Xicheng

      Dear all,

      I meet a issue that the mesh created by Fluent meshing with polyhedral-hexcore cannot be remeshed/layering in Fluent dynamic mesh. Please see attached figures for begin and end of the simualtion. I know this is caused by the limisition where polyhedral mesh cannot be placed adjacent to the moving face zone.

      So my question turns to: how can I generate two types of volume mesh (e.g., bottom with polyhedral-hexcore and top moving layer with tet) in Fluent meshing?

      I'm familer with the workflow of fluent meshing and the poly-hex mesh is good for my case.

      Suggestion for other tool or other method will also welcome.

      Best regards,





    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      You can use tet and hexcore. Please check 11.3.2. Meshing Regions Selectively Using Auto Fill Volume in the help manual. Regards, Keyur How to access Ansys Online Help Document Guidelines on the Student Community
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