Dynamic Mesh, Moving and deforming wall

    • stac

      dear all,

      i am trying to simulate an lubricate flow between two teeth. I use Ansys Fluent 19.
      The following image shows the position of the teeths at the beginning of the simulation.

      The upper tooth keeps stationary during the simulation. The lower tooth moves in a xy-motion to the upper left. The nect image shows the endposition.

      My problem is, that i have a rigid bodymotion of the lower teeth and a stationary upper tweeth. Therfore i set the inlet-boundary on the left and the outlet-boundary on the right as deforming.

      Is it possible to set up a deforming and moving wall for my lower teeth that my inlet and outlet are not deforming?

      Geometry Defintiion:


      Lower tooth

      many thanks in advance

      Best Regards


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Yes, I think you need to fix the hex zones.  Not sure how though, have you done the tutorials that can be accessed via the help tools?

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