Dynamic Meshing – Translating a sloped wall to simulate a piston moving with a constant velocity

    • Jake_Loch

      I have a 2D axisymmetric transient case. The mesh is created in ICEM.

      The objective is to simulate the extrusion of two stacked glass through a die. Initially I have a straight piston which pushes the glass. I have done this in fluent with success by applying a dynamic mesh to the boundary called piston.

      Now I would like to do the same thing but instead of the straight piston, the piston now has a slope too it. I would like to apply a dynamic mesh and move this wall in the same way as previously. However when moving the dynamic mesh I have to specify a cell height. This cell height is equal to the width between adjacent mesh cells as the wall moves. However with an angled piston the mesh becomes skewed and the width is no longer uniform.

      Do anyone have any suggestions of how to achieve a dynamic mesh or change the current mesh on the angled piston task.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      What happens if you use same cell height as previous? n
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