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Dynamic object movement

    • danbence

      I am looking for functionality in Discovery Live that will allow some limited movement of an object during the transient fluid simulation. A useful example would be slowly changing the angle of a valve inside a pipe to constrict the flow.

      I have not seen any demos of object movement, so suspect its not a feature.

      It does seem possible, given the technology. The video demos show an object being hidden/exposed during the running of the simulation without the cell values being reset. I suspect the cells "inside" the object are allocated and set to zero when the object is exposed. Other videos show fillet angles of objects being manually changed by the user during a simulation without it going back to initial conditions.

      What would be great is to set an object angle (say) to be a function of time eg Angle=Sin(t*constant), or taken from a table (like the temporal inlet velocity changing)

      An understandable limitation of dynamic object movement would be that size of the domain would have to stay constant, otherwise the mapping of the 3D grid of cells would have to be re-evaluated.


    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Forum Moderator

      Hello dan bence

      As you have correctly mentioned it is currently not possible to vary the and object as a function of time in Discovery Live fro a transient simulation. Also, equations(as functions of time or otherwise) cannot be given as input in Discovery Live.

      Although one alternative could be to set the valve angle as a parameter and run individual simulations at different valve angles as a parameter study. 

      I would recommend you to go through this video for a quick idea regarding a similar simulation.

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