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e-kill elements vs load

    • jackhero

      I intend to plot the "Load vs percentage of interface cells killed" plot for a contact debonding simulation. The sample from some reference is shown in the image below. With the increasing load the number of interface cells/elements killed have also increased.

      The simulation is working fine in Ansys Workbench Mechanical. I need some guidance on how can I plot the result as shown in the image. The reaction force load value, from my simulation is shown here along with the details of ekill output of number of killed elements.

      The script of e-kill number of elements killed output resulted in a file having values listed from 1402 to 1905 (a total of 504 entries). In order to calculate the percentage of elements killed we may also need the total number of elements. The total number of elements, I checked, in Mesh details view under Statistics, showing nodes (4753) and elements (1401). I ran the e-kill script in step.2 and I did not run the e-alive script as the output I needed is the related with the e-kill.

      Thank you

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee


      Look into *GET,par,ELEM,,COUNT for the active count.  You may also need to use the ESEL commands if you only want to include solids and not contacts and use ename to select, unselect, or reselect.  Put the retrieved values into arrays.  Use *VFUN, *VOPER, *MFUN, *MOPER, *VSCFUN to do vector operations as needed.   

      Then see 3.10.8 of the ANSYS Parametric Design Language Guide for plotting.  You will need to copy the array data into a table array to get a line plot.


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