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ECC function GAP impossible in a Structural-Thermoelectric analysis?

    • Simon-Olivier

      I am not able to impose an ECC in function of the GAP (using TABLE) in my Structural-Thermoelectric analysis (using surface174, KEYOPT(1)=3 ).

      I have no problem with TCC in function of GAP (using TABLE).

      The default analysis seems to impose a very low ECC value when there is a gap (but I am not able to know this ECC value...).

      I was wondering if someone can confirm to me that it is impossible in this analysis type to have an ECC function GAP. Also what is the ECC default value when there is a gap for a Structural-Thermoelectric analysis?

      Thank you very much for your help!

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee





      See the contact technology guide in the help manual and :


      7.2. Modeling Electric Contact and 7.2.1


      3.9. Set the Real Constants and Element KEYOPTS


      All the best 




    • Dave Looman
      Ansys Employee

      By default ECC for an open gap would be zero.  When you defined ECC as a function of Gap did you use negative values as described below in Section of the Contact Technology Guide?  

      • Geometric contact gap/penetration (GAP):

        • Numerical offsets are not included.

        • Specify positive index values for penetration, negative index values for an open gap.

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